Peggy Au-Yeung

Peggy Au-Yueng

Peggy Au-Yueng

International Division Director
(O) 425.519.3222
(C) 425.749.1928

Born in Hong Kong, Peggy has travelled extensively throughout India and Asia as a former senior regional manager for Microsoft. Now, she brings her MBA degree from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her experience in International Business to VDB Estates as the head of Mark’s International Division. Not only is Peggy fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, and English, she has personally been investing in real estate for the last twenty years and closely follows the market shifts. This unique combination of skills gives her unmatched insights into the strategies necessary for international transactions. In her leisure time, Peggy loves exploring Puget Sound islands and hiking on Mt. Baker.

国际业务总监 | 地产经纪人