Mark von der Burg believes in helping to educate all of our clients on the specific market statistics that are relevant to each individual situation. This information can change quite quickly. For instance, just in 2016, the average home price in our area jumped 19% and many specialty properties are significantly above that but a chart of median prices and sale times isn’t the whole story.

Our experts are constantly monitoring not just what has happened, but extrapolating the probabilities of where the market is next. How likely is the Federal Reserve to raise rates? How many times? How does local legislation affect construction and how might the area’s new multi-billion transportation plan influence growth in specific areas?

Mark provides this type of data to help our buyers and sellers make more informed decisions. Real estate is no longer just about location, location, location; it’s about using business intelligence to give you the tools for deciding not only where to act, but when and how.

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