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Seattle & Dallas: Hottest Real Estate Markets

What do Seattle and Dallas-Fort Worth have in common? They are the top two cities with the fastest rising home prices in the entire United States. Seattle is ranked first with a 13.1 percent ho... Read More

Seattle Update: Market Slowdown?

SEATTLE MARKET UPDATE Overall prices rose to more than 9% from the 2016 stats. However some counties, including King County, saw a median price increase jump to 18.6%. Like previously doc... Read More

JUST LISTED | Modernized Montreux Views

JUST LISTED Modernized Montreux Views A Stately Entry sets the stage for this Modernized Montreux home. Fully Remodeled Gathering Room and Chef’s Kitchen features striking Slab Granite and... Read More

Consumer Confidence at its Highest

Consumer Confidence Skyrockets! Consumer attitudes are staying positive and have reached level breaking highs     The Conference Board has been acquiring data to show that the Con... Read More

Home Square Footage Size Jump

  Home Sizes...Too Big? House Call says it just right "When it comes to a home's square footage, Americans seem to have a Goldilocks mindset: too big, too small, jussstttt r... Read More

Differing Home Preferences between Men and Women

Posted by VDB Estates on February 20, 2012
Posted Under: Home Improvement, U.S. Housing Market
In a recent survey by, distinct differences were made between men and women who are looking for homes.  While many women feel that the general features of a home are important as well... Read More

Ten Ways to Winterize Your Home

Posted by VDB Estates on January 4, 2012
Posted Under: Home Improvement, Green Building
As the temperature drops, it is very important to winterize your home.  According to Paul Bianchina of Inman News, there are ten necessary items on the winter checklist in order to prepare your h... Read More

Is it Better to Buy a New or Existing Home?

"Is it worth it to fork over extra for a home with up-to-the-minute features and fixtures?" addresses this question with the latest advice on home buying and the pros and cons of buy... Read More

New HGTV Magazine

Posted by VDB Estates on November 9, 2011
Posted Under: Uncategorized, Home Improvement, Green Building, U.S. Housing Market
The brand new HGTV magazine launched its first test issue yesterday with a small batch of 350,000.  According to Sarah Firshein of, "all 144 pages of issue one have something to d... Read More

The Future of Home Design

Posted by VDB Estates on October 10, 2011
Posted Under: Uncategorized, Home Improvement, Seattle Housing Market
With baby-boomer home purchases on the rise, the style of homes will drastically change in the next few years.  Zillow recently reported that we will start discarding formal living rooms and exte... Read More