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The City of Bellevue

Bellevue WaterThe word Bellevue comes from a French term that means "beautiful view." As a city that's nestled in a forested valley between two lakes, it's easy to see why this name was chosen. The Cascade Mountains provide a striking backdrop to the Bellevue skyline while the western view provides breathtaking sunset vistas.

With its thriving commercial districts, expansive retail centers and downtown streets lined with luxury high-rises, Bellevue certainly isn't a typical suburb. Though its physical size is significantly larger than Seattle, only about 126,000 residents live in Bellevue, giving it a spacious charm bolstered by a strong economy and excellent public schools.

As Seattle's largest and most centralized suburb, Bellevue is also conveniently close to many other locations throughout the metro area. Depending on the time of day, local residents can drive to 10-mile to Downtown Seattle in only 20 to 30 minutes in a picturesque commute across Lake Washington.

Much of Bellevue's rise in development can be linked to the construction of the two floating bridges that connect the city to Seattle. The area was mostly rural when the Lake Washington Floating Bridge was completed in 1940. Within two decades of its construction, Bellevue incorporated and grew in population by more than 600 percent. The Evergreen Point Floating Bridge, which was built in 1963, helped to usher in even more growth.

Today, Bellevue is often considered a Seattle "satellite city" with its own business and entertainment districts. Some of the most prominent local employers include T-Mobile USA, Nintendo, Expedia and Microsoft, all of which have headquarters in or near Downtown Bellevue.

More than 64 percent of its residents have a bachelor's degree or higher, making Bellevue one of the most highly educated cities in America. In addition, local jobs have been increasing at a rate that's more than twice that of the national average. While this has led to steady population growth over the past several decades, city planners are making sure that commercial development doesn't strip away Bellevue's small-town character. You’ll still find plenty of parks, charming side-streets, as well as a friendly, community feeling.

Bellevue is a beautiful city that brings together the best of nature and the best of urban living. Known as the “City in a Park,” Bellevue is rich in natural beauty, but also has shopping, retail, and entertainment amenities that rival any city in terms of variety and style. The stunning lakes and vast mountains that surround the city compliment the view of the bustling skyline. Of course, residents don't have to be content just gazing at the gorgeous surroundings. Bellevue offers easy access to a wide array of recreation activities such as hiking, boating and skiing.

This perfect combination of amenities makes Bellevue one of the best areas to live on the Eastside.

Bellevue Living

Over the past several years, Bellevue has attracted many home buyers interested in the suburb’s livability and cozy residential enclaves. The city presents an excellent balance of urban amenities and a laid-back, small-town vibe. Both Money Magazine and USA Today have ranked Bellevue as one of the top five places to live in America.

The city is anchored by its bustling downtown area, which is the second largest business district in Washington. Downtown Bellevue features dozens of high-rise buildings as well as several parks and shopping areas that attract out-of-town visitors.

The most popular retail center is the Bellevue Collection, which features more than 250 stores and 45-plus entertainment and dining spots. This mixed-use development is adjacent to Downtown Park, a 20-acre area that's home to a stepped canal, rose garden and playground.

Bellevue is also known for its nature trails and lakefront attractions. Mercer Slough Nature Park, a 320-acre wetland located in the southeast part of town, is a haven for those who enjoy canoeing and bird watching. Bellevue also has seven beach areas on the shores of Lake Washington, ensuring plenty of fun during the glorious summer months.

Bellevue's Booming Real Estate Market

Bellevue ParkAs an affluent city located in Seattle's Eastside region, Bellevue attracts all walks of life. Those interested in purchasing Bellevue real estate can expect to enter a very strong seller's market. Since the demand for Bellevue homes is so high, new listings are often sold within 30 days. The median sales price for an Eastside home is $730,000.

From 2015 to 2016, the median sales price increased by 14 percent. Many experts predict that prices for Bellevue homes will continue to rise throughout 2017. This is good news for homebuyers who want to see their investments grow.


Where to Find Homes?

From high-end condos to wave-lapped lakefront properties, the Bellevue housing market offers a range of options for potential buyers. Those looking to live near the city's commercial activity will want to start their searches in the West Bellevue and downtown area. These neighborhoods feature a mix of modern developments and older homes. West Bellevue, which sits just south of downtown, features some of the most sought-after waterfront homes in all of Washington from which residents can sail Lake Washington, Lake Union or even out through the Ballard Locks to the Puget Sound.

West Bellevue has some of the most sought-after waterfront homes and townhomes in the greater Seattle area. In East and South Bellevue, the neighborhoods are quiet and laid-back. You will find restored mid-century homes with their clean lines. There are also numerous split-level homes known for having huge living spaces. Scattered among these are recently built properties that incorporate modern technology with craftsman construction. At the city center, there are exquisite condominium units and penthouses that are a great fit for the aspirational lifestyle.

Those searching for quieter residential areas may prefer the developments in Eastgate and Cougar Mountain. Located in southeast Bellevue, these neighborhoods have become quite popular with new residents over the past decade. The area is noted for its natural scenery, wide views and proximity to great schools.

There are more Bellevue luxury homes in Newport Hills and Lake Heights, which lie in the southwest part of town. Properties in these neighborhoods are geared toward those who want to live close to Lake Washington and several inlets were created in this area to make way for more waterfront houses.

As Bellevue’s premier luxury real estate company, we at VDB Estates will show you the best the city has to offer. You can browse through our online listing portfolio for the finest selections of Bellevue luxury homes. Whether you want a waterfront estate, a modern suburban mansion, or a high-rise downtown condominium, we will find you a home that aligns seamlessly with your economy, comfort, and lifestyle goals.

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